The ultimate retail experience

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The ultimate retail experience

In recent times, it has been recognised that multi-sensory marketing enhances the customer experience and drives brand loyalty, but how does it work, and more importantly, how can it work for you? 

In our Business Impact of Scenting report, we demonstrated how Premium Scenting not only creates a more pleasant and memorable experience for your customers, but also delivers tangible business benefits. In our Ultimate Retail Experience report, we demonstrate the science that supports the psychology. 

The Ultimate Retail report seeks to understand: 

  • How much scent physically impacts mood thereby shifting the perception of the retail environment 
  • How scent, sound and visuals stimulate physical human responses when applied individually and in cohesion 
  • How brand identities can apply tailored fragrances to personas, aligning with specific lifestyles and leading to brand loyalty 

Our latest research based findings provide new insight on consumer responses to smell, and highlight how retail spaces can apply experiential and scent marketing to enhance the customer experience.

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“There is a strong neurological relationship between the olfactory and limbic systems. These results clearly demonstrate that scent has a proven powerful initial impact before the visual role is fully established.” 

(The Ultimate Retail Experience Report 2017, Rentokil Initial)

74% of people have been drawn into a shop or store by an inviting smell – Rentokil Initial Business Impact of Scent report

42% of consumers state that what they like most about a store is the ambience – Rentokil Initial Business Impact of Scent report

Highly significant increases in engagement are scientifically observed in scented conditions – Rentokil Initial Ultimate Retail Experience Report

  • For calm, classic retail environments, the effect of scent on engagement gets deeper as dwell time continues. 
  • For high impact environments, first impressions count - the most significant impact of scenting is made when they are introduced to the space. 
  • Individuals need to be in a state of high state of excitement not to experience a significant shift in engagement when scent is introduced.

73% of people say that smell triggers an instantaneous memory or feeling ranked higher than any other sense about a store.

Brand identities that wholly align to consumer personas create stronger, more meaningful brand loyalty.

74% of people have acted impulsively due to smell. 

Business Impact of Scent, Rentokil Initial 2016



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