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Discover the power of scent marketing

With customers demanding more and more from brands, experiential marketing represents a powerful opportunity to create long lasting and profitable customer relationships.


The global leaders in scenting

At Premium Scenting we pride ourselves on our consultative approach, the quality of our patented scenting solutions and the consistent professional standards of service we deliver around the world.

Leading the way in brand scent development

Our fine fragrance designers, Christopher Laudamiel and Raymond Matts are leaders in the world of olfactive branding. All our fragrances are carefully crafted using a combination of scents, chosen to deliver specific results for every bespoke brand and each individual environment.

Harnessing the power of the senses

Our uniquely scented environments support businesses in reinforcing brand values, enhance customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty. Premium Scenting supports businesses in creating unique and memorable experiences, helping brands to interact and emotionally engage with the modern consumer.



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