The Ultimate Hotel Experience

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Ultimate Hotel Experience

Unlock the power of scent in guest experience

There’s a mood of change in the hospitality industry. Once, hotels were seen as places of retreat and safety, where consistency of the guest experience was key. Today, hotels have broadened their remit to embrace a bespoke, sensory, experiential environment, redefining their purpose into the 21st century.

We know from our Business Impact of Scent report that hotel guests feel more patient and relaxed in scented environments, as well as more likely to return. In our Ultimate Hotel Experience report, we demonstrate the science that supports this psychology.

The Ultimate Hotel Experience report seeks to understand:

  • The impact of multisensory environments on the guest experience, and, specifically, the role of scent
  • If different traveller types have a preference for specific types of multisensory experience
  • How to deploy multisensory in hotels for greatest impact

Our latest research based findings provide new insight on the impact of scent in the hotel environment, its potential to build brand engagement for longer term guest relationships, and direction to physical hotel design.

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“Scent is strongly linked to memory. A scent is a secret passage to memories and emotions. To leverage that power in hospitality confers a clear advantage.” 

The Ultimate Hotel Experience Report, 2018, Rentokil Initial

“Hotel brands are reaching into the more subliminal and sensory aspects of experience to differentiate themselves.” Hospitality leaders survey

“Engaging all the senses in balance creates stronger message structures from the brain, creating differentiation and stronger memories of the brand.” Dr Andy Myers, Walnut Unlimited

“People used to want luxury hotels to provide a secure, ‘international’ experience. Now they want all the luxury amenities but delivered in a unique ‘local’ way.” Hospitality leaders survey

  • 91% of hotel guests said a pleasant smell had a positive impact
  • 67% of hotel guests say a pleasant smell in a hotel would make them feel more patient and relaxed
  • 69% of hotel guests say that a pleasant smell in a hotel lobby would improve their perception of the brand

The Ultimate Hotel Experience, 2018, Rentokil Initial

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