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Scent marketing solutions for retail businesses

Retail is in a state of change. Disruption from online shopping continues to bite into the physical store, yet, in the face of this competition, bricks and mortar stores are surviving and thriving. Rather than a space focused on function or transaction, forward thinking stores are becoming places of multi-sensory experience, where customers take part in enriched interactions with products and brands. Multisensory marketing is shaping the future store, offering customers sensory cues to stimulate dwell time and brand involvement.

Premium Scenting research suggests that a brand-resonant scent can encourage shoppers to spend up to 20% more time in-store.

Scent amplifies experiences

Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the senses. By using scent, brands are able to connect with customers on a deeper emotional level and retailers have been quick to recognise this.

In transforming the physical store into a place of experience, immersion and multi-sensory engagement, scent plays a powerful role in improving brand perception and building customer loyalty.

Discover the ultimate retail experience

In this report, we explore how scenting solutions not only create a unique and memorable retail experience for your customers but also deliver tangible business results. We demonstrate the science that supports the psychology, exploring:

  • How much scent physically impacts mood, thereby shifting the perception of the retail environment
  • How scent, sound and visuals stimulate physical human response when applied individually and in cohesion
  • How brands can apply tailored fragrances to customer personas aligned to specific lifestyles to increase brand loyalty

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The Premium Scenting Impact: Media Markt

Media Markt is Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics. This retail giant places great importance on adding value to the in-store customer experience.

Watch Barry B van Ruiven, Board Member at Media Markt, explain how Media Markt has benefited from working with Premium Scenting.