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Scenting services

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Creating superior customer experiences with scent

The global leader in the design, development and deployment of full-service scent solutions, Premium Scenting creates enhanced commercial spaces for superior customer experiences.

We partner with businesses looking to gain improved returns from brand and customer engagement across their commercial spaces. Our innovative scenting technology combined with world class fragrance development provides a luxurious and consistent scent solution, delivered to at the highest levels of service through highly-trained in-house service technicians around the world.

The PremiumScenting difference

Our consultative approach ensures your business has the right customised solution specific to your brand and each of your locations. Work with us to protect and improve your business image and bottom line through developing deeper emotional connections with your customers, visitors and staff.

Partnering with fine fragrance house Firmenich, all of our fragrances contain patented odour remediation properties, to overcome any malodour challenges at any of your locations.

Bespoke scent solutions

We partner with you to understand your unique challenges and crystallise your scenting objective. This clarity enables us to create a bespoke scent solution to enhance your brand experience and differentiate your business from competitors.

Consultative approach

With the use of our unique diagnostic tools, our certified in-house scent experts survey every location to create a custom solution for each of your locations, to ensure the delivery of the perfect scent impression at all times.

Fine fragrance design

Our master perfumers Christophe Laudamiel and Raymond Matts are at the vanguard of creating fine fragrances for the air. Having developed signature scents for many of the world’s leading brands they are defining the future of olfactive branding.

Global service excellence

Our in-house service experts deliver discreet, professional and consistent service to global brand customers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Scent safety and the environment

Customer safety is our absolute priority. We are members of IFRA and all our formulations exceed regulatory requirements, leading the world in fragrance safety

Unique patented technology

Our patented scent diffusers use the most advanced nebulisation technology, allowing for consistent, uniform scent diffusion across your commercial spaces.

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