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The hospitality industry is in an age of change. Hotels are broadening their remit to embrace a bespoke, sensory, experiential environment in a bid to enhance memorability, repeat custom and guest referrals.

As well as building upon levels of safety and luxury, hotels are also intent on finding ways to give guests unprecedented levels of personalisation through experiential and multisensory inputs.

Further, the more pioneering hotels are no longer always aiming for global similarity, but are seeking to engage with each locality so that guests can experience a sense of place as well as enjoy the feeling of luxury.

Scent: an intrinsic element of the hotel brand

The use of scent is increasingly integral to the hotel design process - i.e. scent is as important as décor, furniture and staff training.

This is because the right scent can create a vital, obvious and deeper connection with guests by helping them associate it with a hotel through positive emotions and memories.

Our research indicates that frequent travellers often cite the smell of a hotel as being akin to the sentiment of “coming home”. This is how a familiar scent functions as a trigger for comforting emotions.

Scenting has three key purposes in hotel design:

  • Delivering ambience for a more immersive guest experience
  • Functioning as a branding device, e.g. an olfactory logo that is delivered through signature scents
  • unctioning as an olfactory signal of a particular space or event within the hotel, e.g. a spa or a seasonal display

Leveraging the sense of smell significantly increases consumer involvement in experiences by a margin of 38%, at a statistically significant level of 99%

67% of hotel guests say a pleasant smell in a hotel would make them feel more patient and relaxed, while 69% say that a pleasant smell in a hotel lobby would improve brand perception

53% of the hotel guests interviewed said that they would reconsider checking into a hotel with a strong smell in the lobby and 48% said that it would make them more likely to return in the future

Source: Business Impact of Scent Report, Premium Scenting, 2016

Discover the ultimate hotel experience

In this report, we demonstrate the science that supports the psychology behind scent marketing, show how scent amplifies the guest experience, and highlight the impact scent can have on guest referrals and repeat visits. We also seek to understand:

  • The impact of multisensory environments - especially the role of scent - on the guest experience
  • If different types of guests have varying preferences for multisensory experiences
  • How to deploy multisensory experiences in hotels to ensure the greatest impact

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The Premium Scenting Impact: The Hotel, Brussels

The Hotel Brussels is a luxury hotel towering high above Brussels’ city skyline.

Watch Janjoris Kriele, General Manager at The Hotel Brussels, explain how Premium Scenting helped them create a scent unique to their hotel’s DNA and a bespoke brand experience for guests.