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Scent solutions for providers of elderly care homes

As the world’s population is ageing, many countries are finding the consequent demand on health care services to be a challenge. Social care needs of the elderly are driven by their inability to self-care and live independently, resulting in a rise in demand for residential care homes in developed nations.

Elderly care providers have the complex job of creating home-away-from-home where residents feel comfortable and valued, meeting the expectations of residents’ loved ones and keeping staff turnover at a minimum; all whilst safely supporting residents with basic activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and toileting.

Providing care for senior citizens comes with its challenges: tackling difficult behaviour, managing elderly residents’ emotional and physical health, combating odour problems and retaining caring and compassionate staff.

Understand how quality of life can be enhanced in elderly care homes

In this report, we look at the importance of customised scent for creating a family-friendly environment and the positive impact it has on the well-being of residents and motivation of staff. We also consider:

  • The effects of emotion on the cognition and physical health of residents
  • How malodours can be tackled with new technology
  • The scent solutions that help acquire and retain good staff from leaving the organisation

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‘Scentscaping’ to enhance the quality of life

A customised scenting programme is as important as the layout and décor of residential care homes as it shapes and improves the experience of its long-term guests, their loved ones and staff.

Scent can have a profound effect on the emotional and physical well-being of residents and visitors alike, promoting a relaxed, homely atmosphere that enhances mood, emotions, memory and well-being.

Scent has three key purposes in elderly care homes

  • Improving the quality of life for care-home residents
  • Managing the expectations of families
  • Limiting the turnover of nursing aides and increasing staff retention

As reflected in our research, quality of life was deemed to increase by 10% when ambient fragrance was introduced into test care homes.

Knowing that 35% of people would walk out of a business because of strong smells makes it crucial for elderly care providers to create a good impression for families.

With 26% of care home staff leaving within a year, scenting has been proven to contribute to a positive working environment.