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Car showrooms

The purpose of the car showroom is changing, driven by consumer habits and expectations. Customer interaction with brands mainly happens online these days. So by the time they visit a showroom, customers would have done 90% of their research. Increasingly, they would have selected the car they want, before arriving in the showroom.

This has led to fewer visits to car showrooms and consequently less interaction by dealers with customers. In fact, our research has found that the number of visits made to car showrooms has decreased by around 60% in recent years, to an average of 1.8 visits.

Car showrooms, therefore, are now less about showing cars and more about helping customers make their final decisions, through consultation and demonstration in a relaxing environment. First impressions are critical in the visits customers make. With only one or two opportunities to speak directly to the customer, visits must be memorable and provide a seamless brand experience.

Consumer behaviour may be shifting, but their senses remain fundamental. The car showroom needs to provide a fully immersive brand experience, consisting of visual, tactile, auditory and scent activations to improve the experience of the customer and increase the likelihood of a sale.

So, how can scent help?

The sense of smell is the sense most closely connected to our emotions. The right scent helps to improve the mood and well-being of your customers, creating an emotional connection to your showroom and brands. The power of scent can increase consumer involvement in experiences by 38%*. It also has the power to have a significant, positive impact on your customers in the first five seconds of a visit, before a visual impact has registered.

Making the purchase

A scented environment improves your customers’ shopping experience and encourages them to make a purchase. Brands and retailers take a lot of care over the visual design of the car showroom but rarely consider the complete sensory experience by including sound, touch and smell.

Our sense of smell generates 75% of our emotions, so it can have a strong influence on people’s decisions. Research has also shown that the time consumers spend in a shop increased by 54% when there is a pleasant scent, which can give more time to influence the all-important purchase.

Adding scent will enhance the customer experience by triggering positive emotions towards your products and drive the decision to purchase.

*Rentokil Initial Research

Discover the ultimate car showroom experience

In this report, we explore the moments in which an optimised multi-sensory experience improves customer engagement and drives their decision to purchase. Introduce scent marketing into your showroom and put your dealership in the fast lane by understanding:

  • How automotive brands and showroom retailers should collaborate to deliver the ultimate car showroom experience
  • Why there is a need to incorporate scenting to power your multi-sensory experience
  • The specific business challenges scent can address

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The Premium Scenting Impact: Moto Morini

Moto Morini is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, where each product is 100% assembled by hand, custom-built and unique. It’s brand value lies in providing customers with a personalised experience.

Watch Stefano Marzola, Communication Manager at Moto Morini, explain how scenting has made a big difference in enhancing the customer experience in their showroom.