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About Premium Scenting

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The world’s leading air care specialist

Premium Scenting creates bespoke solutions to heighten brand experiences and strengthen brand recognition. We’ve become a name globally synonymous with all that is most desired in scent solutions. Serving 85 countries, our team of experts use subtle sensory experiences to engage customers for some of the world’s leading brands.

We believe passionately in the safe creation and development of fragrance on behalf of our partners and are proud to be members of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), who represent the industry and promote the safe enjoyment of fragrances.

By continuously working with highly trained in-house technicians around the world, Premium Scenting will always be at the forefront of scent-marketing solutions to help you gain loyal, lifetime customers that will forever endorse your brand.

The smell of success

From hospitality to retail, elderly care to car showrooms, our extensive list of partners include:

Logo wall of PremiumScenting customers, Pandora, Virgin Active, Moto Morini, Media Markt and The Hotel

Leading the way in brand scent development

Long before the world caught on to the benefits of scent as a powerful branding tool, we were breaking new ground. With over a decade of distinction, we use patented technology to stay ahead of the game.

Tailored solutions, diagnostic tools and a consultative approach ensure the delivery of the perfect scent impression for each brand in every location.

We’re world leaders in customised fragrances, boasting a game-changing product range. Our global service excellence is delivered consistently and we’re proud to have the most robust approach to scent safety in the market.

Patented nebulisation technology

Developing fine fragrances for the air is a very specialist skill that demands empathy, creativity and passion. We create a bespoke suite of fragrances for brands and locations and currently have more than 60,000 units utilising our unique AirQ technology.

Our fragrance formulations are deployed sensitively through our advanced diffusion technology, creating vapours that won’t fall to the floor after emission, ensuring scenting is 100% uniform without leaving wet deposits on any surface.

Image illustrating the difference between aerosol droplets and Premium Scenting microdroplets

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