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About Premium Scenting

We create a bespoke suit for every brand and every location. We are leading the world in developing fine fragrances for the air - this is a very specialist skill that demands empathy, creativity and passion. Our unique fragrance formulations exceed the most advanced regulations in fragrance safety. They are distributed via our own advanced, patented diffusion technology and serviced at a consistently high quality level by our in-house experts.

Tailored solutions and consultative approach

Understanding your unique challenges to offer you a customised scent solution is the main focus of our certified scent experts.

Using our exclusive diagnostic tools, they take the time to define the perfect solution for your brand.

World-class fine fragrance design

Our fine fragrance designers, Christopher Laudamiel and Raymond Matts, are world leaders in the art of olfactive branding.

Every fragrance that they carefully craft uses a combination of scents that are picked to deliver specific results for each particular brand or environment.



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